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Amazing Dolphin encounter at Yanchep Lagoon, Perth Western Australia!

On Wednesday 20th February 2019 on a rare morning off, I casually went down to my local beach Yanchep Lagoon with my lovely friend Mel to enjoy the sunshine. Suddenly, we heard a few people saying 'look there's dolphins' and started looking out into the ocean but couldn't see a thing! That's when we realised they were right by feet along the shoreline, almost on the beach!

Amazing Bottlenose dolphins at Yanchep Lagoon, Perth, Western Australia

These 4 incredibly beautiful and majestic bottlenose dolphins came right up to us, were super inquisitive checking out my friend's little girl Indiana, peeking their heads right out of the water to get a good look around. So of course I grabbed my camera as fast as I could and began recording!

The pod of 4 bottlenose dolphins playfully swam up and down Perth's North Coast at Yanchep Lagoon

After a few minutes just hovering in the shallow water, as you can see from my video, they then dashed off super fast along the shoreline and swam south into the lagoon and spent time swimming around us and the other people in the ocean.

There were heaps of kids in the ocean having their Vac Swim lesson and the dolphins swam in and out of the children, enjoying playing around them and the kids squealed with pure excitement! What an amazing experience and memory for them! As I'm English and originally from a very busy built up town not too far from London, it's certainly not everyday you go swimming in the Indian Ocean let alone get greeted by one of the most incredible beautiful and majestic animals in the world.

The bottlenose dolphins played with locals in Yanchep Lagoon for around 10 minutes, chasing each other up and down the beautiful shoreline

I have to admit, I was filled with so much emotion being so close to them and watching them swim around us, playfully enjoy chasing each other up and down the lagoon. To be so close to wild dolphins and watching them swim freely is just one of the most incredible and wonderful experiences of my life and truly something that will stay with me forever. I wish they could have stayed longer, I could have sat in awe watching them all day long, but after around 10 minutes they then swam off together in their little family pod off for more adventures.

I consider myself to be so lucky and blessed to live in such an amazing place like Yanchep and to be at the Lagoon to experience these friendly amazing creatures. I am so glad I was able to capture these videos and photos of my experience, It really is a dream come true and reminds me just how important photos are, they are our ticket back in time, to relive our beautiful memories.

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Lauren Bennett Tippins
Lauren Bennett Tippins
Feb 22, 2019

Oh my gosh, what an experience! And the fact you were able to capture their joy on camera too for all to see ❤️


Feb 22, 2019

Wow this is incredible! What an amazing once in a lifetime experience it was so beautiful to see them so happy and carefree in the wild. Enjoying their natural environment. Thank you for sharing your videos we have loved watching them!

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